Speaker om AI og deep learning på IDA RISK international konference

IDA have assembled a group of leading Danish and international experts in risk management.

The conference is relevant for anyone working in project management and risk management in the public and private sector.

This year is our CEO Karim Meaouia speaker at the conference.

Karim speaks on: Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence for RISK Management

How the Risk Manager is able to tap in on the collective knowledge of the organisation and useavailable tools from deep learning and machine learning.

Karim Cédric Meaouia has +20 years of experience as a consultant.With an organizational, commercial and technical insight, Karim assists clients in the construction business.The area in which he serves is either at mega scale / complex construction projects, portfoliomanagement or transformations in the central administration.

Karim define the framework and calibrates balance of risk, cost, quality and scope in the client’sdecision making.

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